Projected Savings

Reduce Physicians Office Visit Charges and Urgent Care Expenses

Approximately 70-90% of the reasons an employee leaves the workplace to visit a physican can be handled on-site at The Working Clinic™. Eliminating 70% of physicians office visits represents a significant savings. Our Employer Client Groups with 500 employees saved anywhere from $240,000 to $250,000 in reduced claims for office visits and urgent care/emergency room visits.  (For a list of sample diagnosis that can be treated at The Working Clinic™, click here)

Reduce Hospital Stays
Reduce Prescription Charges
Reduce Sick Leave Expenses
Reduce Workers Comp Expenses
Reduce Flu Shot Expenses
Reduce Pre-Employment Physical Expenses
Reduce Drug and Alcohol Testing Expenses
Reduce Costs Associated with Training Classes (First Aid, AED, etc.)
Reduce Expenses Associated with Biometric Screenings & Wellness Events
Reduce Certain Lab Testing Costs
Reduce Health Care Costs Through Medication Adherence Assistance
Additional Savings
• Reduce lost productivity costs when employees leave the worksite to obtain care
• Reduce HR time to onboard employees, with PE physicals and drug screenings on-site
• Reduce employee turnover and lost talent
• Reduce health care costs by early detection and management of chronic conditions
• Increase employee satisfaction with their benefits package

ROI Summary

The typical manufacturer with 500 employees will realize an ROI at or above 72% annually.

The Working Clinic™ is capable of handling over 70% of the physician office visits, as well as ER or urgent care treatment resulting in $258,607 of avoided medical claims, pre-employment physicals and drug testing results in approximately $20,000 savings, FREE annual wellness and screenings saves about $25,000, reduced Workers Comp claims, Occ Med and other services provides an additional savings of $85,000-$90,000 annually and this results in an ROI at or above 72%.


A customized ROI estimate for your company is available upon request. 

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