Unlimited Access to Direct Primary Care

Physicians assigned to your on-site clinic are certified to provide care in your state, experienced, and trained in The Working Clinic™ technology.  The physicians are equipped with the tools necessary to evaluate, diagnose, prescribe, treat, and follow-up.  Unlike solutions using Nurse Practitioners or other Mid-Level providers, we use only Board-Certified doctors licensed in your state to bring the full care scope of a physician to your employees

Employers who implement The Working Clinic™ experience an ROI between 30% and 70% or more because the cost for providing healthcare is lower when you have our model in place.  Our mission is to deliver total care through The Working Clinic™ and handle as many diagnoses as possible to eliminate most doctor office, emergency room, and urgent care visits.

Employee gain access to primary care with The Working Clinic™ by walking in, calling ahead, or emailing.  It’s easy to see the doctor at The Working Clinic™.  Well over 165 common conditions may be successfully treated or monitored. The clinic has it’s own private server with internet connection, so no employee health records reside on the employer’s servers.  Each employee’s files are kept confidential and private in a HIPAA environment.  All clinic furniture, supplies and technology equipment are provided as part of the clinic setup.

Early detection of chronic conditions and the on-going monitoring of these conditions not only help employees manage their health but it also reduces costs for employers.  Access to the clinic can be open to all employees, or only those enrolled in the health care coverage, and can also be expanded to include dependents (over the age of 6). The program is designed under your leadership for you and your employees.

Services Include

Primary Care Examination


Prescribing Medications

Follow-Up Care

Referrals to Plan Specialists

Coordination of Care for Chronic Conditions

Laboratory, Venipuncture, Blood Work

MD Oversight of Wellness Programs

Flu Shots

and More...