The Working Clinic Named Best Technology Product of the Year by AIM Institute

Innovative Employee Healthcare Solutions Emerge from Omaha

The AIM Institute recognized The Working Clinic® employee healthcare solution as Best Technology Product of the Year at the 2019 AIM Tech Celebration held on Nov. 14, 2019 at the Metro Community College Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology. The Working Clinic®, brought to you by Visio Health and Technical Solutions, Inc., is a workplace healthcare access and cost-reduction solution provided in response to the national shortage of primary care physicians and rising health care costs. The Working Clinic® is revolutionizing the current employee healthcare system by offering an innovative telehealth technology solution that enables a remote doctor to connect in with an employee at their workplace.


The Working Clinic® allows board-certified, US-based doctors to deliver the full suite of primary care services to employees and their dependents at the worksite while improving employee satisfaction, productivity and health, eliminating up to 70% of the situations in which an employee would leave the workplace for primary care. Additionally, The Working Clinic® fulfills most of the employer’s onboarding, workman’s comp and occupational health needs.


The telehealth technology used in The Working Clinic® has been proven successful in healthcare applications around the globe, including prisons, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, battlefields and space. Visio Health has optimized this proven technology and combined the human experience of a remote, board-certified, direct primary care physician teamed with an on-site, wellness-certified paramedic to create The Working Clinic®, an on-site medical clinic providing full-time workplace health care to employees.